Would You Show The Same Compassion If A Starving Dog Showed Up On Your Doorstep?

Imagine being treated so poorly, you had no other option but to run away, than go on living how you were. Well that is the story of Judy, a beautiful dog that was severely mistreated by her owners. Starving and in agony, Judy arrived at the doorstep of a strangers house, where she hoped to pass away in peace. The compassion shown by this complete stranger is amazing. Sure not to let it be Judy’s last day on earth, see for yourself what happened next.

Watch the video below.


Seeming like there was no more will left in Judy to survive.

. YouTube

These beautiful strangers help restore our faith in humanity.


You have to see the full video here.

It’s good to know that Judy, in her time of need, was able to find an owner that would love and care for her. Judy is now healthier than ever, playing with her owners. You would completely forget after seeing her now that she was starving and suffering from abusive owners.

Would you do the same if Judy arrived on your doorstep? We hope so. It’s a shame to see that humans can completely disregard animals like this, just think how happy Judy would be now!

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