Would You Be Surprised If You Heard What This Policeman Did?

Policemen often get a bad wrap in the media, at least lately anyway with numerous cases of police brutality and what not. But that shouldn’t make us fear every policemen, and it definitely shouldn’t be what we remember them for. This New York policemen reminded us of what policemen are really out there to do, protect people. Whilst officer Carlos Ramos was not protecting this homeless man from any immediate danger, his actions definitely provided comfort and saviour from the intense cold.

According to reports the homeless man pictures refused to accept the kind gesture by Ramos, but Ramos was very insistent and eventually won the man over who immediately put the jumper on. Something as simple as the cold has its dangers forgotten by most as we rug up and crank the heating. The december weather in New York can be freezing and potentially fatal with cases of frostbite and hypothermia in the homeless community.

Whilst most of us would be quick to pass judgement on the homeless man, it is good to see that Ramos instead, chose to help him.

The shirt off officer Ramos’s back, now in the hands of a much needed recipient.



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