Who Is The Coolest Guy In High School? This Guy!

Seth Kraft is the basketball team manager at his high school, and never did he think he’d get a call up to play. Why? Well Seth is quite the opposite of your average basketballer. With point guards typically being above the 6-foot mark, Seth commands the floor standing 4-feett tall. Seth got his chance to do this after team coach Pat Hansen chose to give the four year manager a game om his 18th birthday, knowing it was one thing Seth had always wanted to do and would make the birthday one to remember.

What happened next was simply awesome. When Seth took to the court, we don’t think anyone expected what they saw next. As Seth began rolling over screens, cutting to the basket and scoring! An amazing thing to see, but Seth wasn’t done there. He used his height to his advantage, appearing out of no where to make steals and assist his teammates. We think this is a moment that will be sure to stick with Seth forever.

The coolest guy in high school..

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