These guys Failed So Epically Hard At Cooking, LOL!

There are 35 genius people at cooking.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

21.) Cake shouldn't be unappetizing.Tumblr

It’s amazing they didn’t burn the house down with this one. 26.) It's amazing they didn't burn the house down with this one.MySpace

11.) Egads.Tumblr

25.) This poor spaghetti squash never saw it

20.) How does one even ATTEMPT to set pasta on fire using water?College Humor

where is meat?

16.) If you can't identify the meat, don't eat it.BuzzFeed

Not even close.

17.) Not even close.BuzzFeed

18.) Technically, this is a win.Epic Fail

31.) Pasta should never find a way to be frightening.Flickr / onelungbreathin

Cupcakes can be chewy if you want them to be. 10.) Cupcakes can be chewy if you want them to be.Mals Food Porn

It actually takes talent to make rice look like this. 27.) It actually takes talent to make rice look like this.Tumblr

32.) ... close?Tumblr 

35.) Goldfish? Sour cream? Ham? Potatoes? ... why did this person want to ruin every good thing for me?BuzzFeed

15.) No. Just... no.Tumblr

2.) It seemed like a good idea in theory...BuzzFeed

30.) They ruined cookies. Forever.Tumblr

You found a way to ruin donuts. 34.) Congratulations, world. You found a way to ruin donuts.BuzzFeed

29.) I don't even want to know.Tumblr

Isn’t it a genius idea?4.) SO CLOSE to being a genius idea.Cheezburger

The pan is very bad!

3.) To be fair, I blame the pan.Cheezburger

I just can’t look.

7.) I just can't look.Tumblr

19.) So the thing about electric kettles...Fave Thing

28.) Making cabbage look even more unappetizing.Tumblr

24.) How NOT to cook eggs.Tumblr

9.) Pinterest lied to us all.Bored Panda

13.) Not appetizing, but could be worse.Cheezburger

5.) Oh the HUMANITY.Mals Food Porn

6.) These poor pizzas...Tumblr

14.) Like this.Cheezburger

1.) Pinterest recipes aren't always a good idea.Pinterest Fail

12.) Still edible, though!Pinterest

33.) Plastic is NOT the same thing as metal. It just isn't.Tumblr

8.) Goodbye, old friend.Tumblr

23.) Ever.Tumblr

22.) Never.Tumblr

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