Here are 20 genius hacks to Clean Your House Quicker.

It is true, most of us hate cleaning. It’s boring, time consuming. Here are 20 genius hacks to do it better and quicker.

Dryer Sheet Cleaners.

19.) Dryer Sheet Cleaners. Happy Money Saver

Pet Hair Squeegee.

13.) Pet Hair Squeegee. Emlii

Clean up your dog’s fur (even what you don’t see) by running a squeegee over the carpet. You’ll be shocked at what you find.

Broken Glass Catcher.

4.) Broken Glass Catcher. Real Simple

Dishwasher Deep Cleaner. 7.) Dishwasher Deep Cleaner. The Pin Junkie

Revitalize Leather Furniture. 6.) Revitalize Leather Furniture. Fibre

Overnight Oven Cleaner.

18.) Overnight Oven Cleaner. Mommy Savers

Blender Cleaner.

2.) Blender Cleaner. The Burlap Bag

Clean Your Mattress.

8.) Clean Your Mattress. The Lone Home Ranger

Microfiber Couch Miracle. 16.) Microfiber Couch Miracle. Dimitrajc

10.) Destroy Water Rings. Home Made Mamas

5.) Ceiling Fan Cleaner. The House On Hillbrook

15.) Grease Stain Fixer. One Little Project

9.) Bathtub Ring Remover. Apartment Therapy

3.) Vacuum Up Vomit. Veronicas

11.) Two-Step Foreman Grill Cleaner. Ang Says

1.) Onion Grill Cleaner. Food-Hacks

20.) Carpet Stain Lifter. Home Maker Chic

17.) Clean a Coffee or Spice Grinder. Martha Stewart

12.) Sponge Sanitzer. Moms Against Coodies

14.) Quick-Dry Wet Shoes and Gloves. Flickr

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