The Coolest Childrens Bedroom You Will Ever See

Kuhl Design + Build is a company based in Minneapolis that completes some of the most amazing room remodeling, housing renovations and generally kick ass creations. What they did for this child’s room is simply amazing. As a child I remember playing dress ups, running around pretending to be all sorts of things, from a racing driver, to a Poweranger and even a pirate. Without an old rickety ship nearby, it was mainly a thing of the imagination, building pretend boats and acting as pirates.

For this lucky kid, there doesn’t need to be any imagination whatsoever, as he has a ship deck for a bedroom.  As you can see in the images below, Kuhl Design + Build, built a floating pirate ship as the bed, connected to one of the walls, it is accessed by a rope bridge.  The room also includes aspects such as a jail cell, rope ladder and a fully climbable crows nest for a better vantage point.

Whilst all of this seems cool, what really tops it off is the spiraling slide that provides access to the lower floors. No matter how old you are no one could resist the option of a slide to get downstairs! It is clear that Kuhl Design + Build are extremely good at what they do. You can head to their website to see their other projects which are equally as awesome. If I’m honest I’d have to admit that I would probably commission the pirate bedroom for myself even as an adult.

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