Some People Are Incredibly Artistic, See What This Eggshell Artist Creates, It Will Blow You Away.

In China wood carving is an ancient art. Carvers would create extremely intricate and realistic masterpieces out of slabs of wood. Wen Fuliang was one of these carvers and as his art became no longer desirable to the public, Fuliang needed to do something else.

This is when he made the move to eggshell carving. This is an amazing art form, as unlike wood eggshells are incredibly fragile and extremely thin, unlike the wood that he was carving previously.

Fuliang’s design process begins by sketching a design onto the eggshells. Each of the eggs is then carefully injected with a syringe to remove the yolk and egg white.  Once the egg is empty inside and the design is finalized on the shells exterior, Fuliang takes to a diamond etching tool that is incredibly fine. He then goes over the drawn design with the tool to create these beautiful pieces.

To think how precise his hands must be, one little mistake and the whole thing is ruined. You have to admire him.

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