Russians Are Crazy! Check Out These Thrill seekers Pushing Urban Exploring To Its Limits!

Kirill Oreshkin considers himself an ‘urban explorer’ but maybe he should be called insane. He is one of many daredevils coming out of Russia and surrounding countries who spend their free time breaking into skyscrapers and making their way to the top. Once at the top they provide us with an amazing perspective of the world below. Just getting a view from the top of these buildings isn’t enough for Kirill and his friends, as they have now started suspending themselves from the buildings without any safety equipment, continuously outdoing each other by taking pictures of themselves in increasingly precarious positions at ridiculous heights.

I can’t admit I would have the balls to get anywhere near the height that these guys are reaching, but I’m okay with that. We hope they stay safe and keep bringing us more photos of monumental buildings they have conquered. Whilst we don’t recommend or condone that you go and start doing this in your local neighbourhood, we don’t think these guys are going to stop anytime soon, but we hope none of them have an accident.

You can see more of what Kirill Oreshkin has done in the way of urban exploring by visiting his page at


Just Playing ….

How did they all get up there?


Getting to the top of this building in your average casual outfit, no safety ropes, helmet or even a damn parachute!


Not just the boys…




Hanging out….


Even in the Darkness, where will they appear next?

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