Is This The Coolest Room In The World? We Think So!

We believe anyone over the age of 18 will appreciate this room for just how good it actually is. In surfing the web we came across this man cave with enough consoles and games to make anybody happy. From the original SNES to the Gamecube and about a million games, this has to be the most impressive collection we have every seen, and what a way to display it! The room is made around the consoles, designed in such a way to display each one, but have each one of them functioning at ease (if not working, just blow on the cartridge and it will be sure to work).

We think this man cave deserves to be appreciated by everyone. We can’t imagine how much money the owner has spent in acquiring all of the games and consoles, and time invested in to such a collection but one thing is for sure, they have made a good investment. This collection would definitely pay for itself many times over if ever sold.

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Console In every colour? But which one to play?


Walls and Walls of Games!!!!


Must be almost every game ever made!


So many consoles!


We hope you appreciate this collection as much as we do! If you did then like and share so your other friends can see it for themselves!

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