If You Were A Druglord Would You Be This Cunning?

You may have seen in recent weeks in the news that El Chapo a notorious drug lord and well known criminal was captured after spending over a decade on the run since escaping prison in the back of a laundry truck. When captured authorities seized a vast collection of weapons, luxury items, art pieces and a considerable amount of cash in an array of currencies.

It is not hard to believe then with the amount of power and money he had that he was able to create his own underground network of tunnels that connected him safely to many locations, allowing for him to safely escape authorities whenever they moved too close. The drug lords connection of tunnels opened up at a safe house that had a tunnel that ran from beneath a bath tub connecting to the broader network of tunnels below. The tunnel was seamless and very hard to detect, as authorities had stormed the house before only to find nothing.

His elaborate tunnel system was not good enough though as he was eventually tipped off to the police by an anonymous informant, and will now be locked up for the rest of his life, well at least they will try to keep him locked up.


Here is where his tunnels would end and he would appear to meet with only the highest members of the Sinaloa Cartel to whisk him away safely.


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