If You Could Build A Getaway House In the Coolest Location, This Would Be Your House!

When we think of our dream getaway houses we usually picture ourselves in sunny France with our very own Chateau or a palatial mansion anywhere tropical, so why is this house so desirable?

Recently there has been a movement within the design world for getaway houses. Many older, financially stable people are commissioning architects and designers to create a minimal and efficient escape house where location is key. Finding a site in the middle of a forest that may be surrounded by an untouched environment with sun in the summer and snow in the winter, makes this little luxury cabin very desirable.

The thing is, in some areas throughout the world, you are allowed to build on land without a permit so long as it does not exceed a size limit. People then can go ahead and create as they please. This cabin in the woods designed by architect Kelly Davis, aptly titled ‘Escape’ is one of these tiny houses in the woods that is gaining popularity in the movement. Whilst the cabin may look small, it is in actual fact quite spacious, larger than many 1 bedroom apartments. It is equipped with a bathroom, master bedroom, lounge area and kitchen with state of the art appliances. The finishes on the cabin are also quite well done with an abundance of cedar.

Some of you may argue that these tiny cabins are effecting our environment, but don’t be so foolish as to think they have not kept the environment in mind. The people responsible for the tiny cabin have stated “The unit at Canoe Bay is heated by a sealed combustion, high efficiency fireplace, the fireplace has easily heated ESCAPE and saved us plenty of money. Remarkably better than even we expected.” The cabin also adopts other environmentally friendly services that help keep the environmental footprint of the building to a minimum.

We have to agree with Kelly Davis, the architect in stating that “while living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential.” A nice way to live we think.

Will you be escaping to a cabin in the woods any time soon?



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