How Do You Fix One Of The Worlds Tallest Statues After Being Struck By Lightning? Not Easily…

The Christ the Redeemer standing 30 meters tall atop a 700 meter high hill in Rio de Janeiro was struck by multiple lightning strikes not too long ago. Whilst this made for some great photos it left the statue with a partially missing hand and face. Naturally, plenty were willing to scale the statue to make amends, a task that is not for the fainthearted. See whether you would be up to the challenge with the images below.

Makes for a very powerful image

Workers don’t seem too phased at all about the fact that they are over 700 meters above Brazil!


Here you can see the damage to the right hand of statue.

Worker for scale.

I guess it’s not all bad news being a worker on the repairs, I mean check out the view from the office…

I know I definitely don’t have the stomach to be up there doing repairs, not too sure about you. Just how long the workers will be fixing the statue for is unknown but we hope someone might be keeping them safe up there.



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