25 brilliant test answers from switched on kids

I wish I could say I was this progressive when I was a kid. What happened to wooden blocks? This is some next level stuff.

Via Bored Panda


11.) Close, kid, close.Imgur

14.) BURNNNNN!Eric Pazdziora

15.) It’s not like this was completely wrong. 15.) It's not like this was completely wrong.Publimetro

25.) A for effort!Meme Droid

17.) Poor lil cells.Mrrozzyroo

19.) That kid is wise.Meh.ro

5.) Touche.Douglass

18.) Well, I certainly don’t know it! 18.) Well, I certainly don't know it!Library Thing

1.) Simple, elegant and hilarious.Two Rivers Blog

16.) ... fair enough.Exam Time

7.) That teacher is heartless.Clive White

8.) I love the name "Tedison."Imgur

24.) Poor Warren.Fun Cage

21.) So. True.Izismile

3.) Well, he's not wrong.A Little Off Center

23.) It's possible, right?Msxlabs

9.) Well, that's a little cynical.Izismile

4.) Now THAT'S how you math.Economics Help

22.) This is the most epic win ever.Pic Slap

13.) You have to respect his honesty.The Hilarious Blog

12.) This is just brilliant.Add Funny

6.) A+Izismile

20.) It was a good try.Fun Cage

2.) Fair point.Cheezburger

10.) LOL.Izismile

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