Have You Ever Been To Prison? I Honestly Would Be Okay With Doing Time In Norway

When most people think of a prison they think of rough, tough, gnarly places. Concrete and steel bar enclosures that are so bare that you really have no other choice but to reflect on your decisions that ended with you being placed inside one. Prisons are a terrible place, and that is how they should be, no one should be ‘okay’ with going to prison as some sort of holiday retreat. If people grew up picturing prison as a nice place, would it deter them from committing crime in the same way? Well welcome to Norway, where they see things a little different.

Below you will see a series of images that were taken from one of Norway’s latest experiments that focuses on rehabilitating the prisoners as opposed to punishing them, in hope that they will re enter the world with less likely hood of committing another crime and ending up back in prison. Whilst you may think this ridiculous, you better know that so far it is working, with a recidivism rate of roughly 5%

The Halden Prison as it is known houses a fully equipped sporting facility that is open 12 hours a day, with prison officers organizing sporting activities daily. The prisoners have access to a kitchen in which they prepare their own meals and a team of medical staff are on call at all times to manage any issues, with the inclusion of dentists for regular check ups. There is also music facilities, art and cooking classes and the facilities are heavily decorated and painted in vibrant colors to help stimulate prisoners.

It’s hard to argue with statistics that prove this is currently working in Norway, and with similar approaches in other Nordic countries recieving similar success it seems the concept could be winner. I am skeptical whether it would work in every country and culture however.

What do you think?




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