Even as Photos These Would Be Cool… Some People Have Real Talent

A bunch of painted faces, photographed up close and personal. Yeah that might be what you think is going on below. But when you get down to the 5th photo I hope you are prepared to see what is really going on. As photographs these would be cool, but when you think about how much time and effort, not to mention the truck loads of skill that artist Eloy Morales possesses, these are simply insane.

Check this out.


Eloy Morales
Cool Huh? Keep Scrolling, Trust Me!!!

Eloy Morales
Can you pick whats up yet?

Eloy Morales

No? I’ll ask again after the next picture…

Eloy Morales

Absolutely Insane! If you guessed it I would be very surprised. These hyperrealistic paintings are good enough to fool the best. Eloy Morales is one gifted artist! This is his collection of oil paintings.

Eloy Morales

Each of these paintings with paint on their faces are self portraits of the artist Eloy himself. While the painting of the facial features themselves are enough to trick you, Eloy’s precision in replicating the strokes from the brush, the uneven distribution of paint and natural lighting feel, really gives these paintings another level.

Eloy Morales

At a glance, assuming these were photographs must be common, but not knowing that they are actually paintings is doing injustice to Eloy. How amazing are these paintings! Watch Eloy Morales speaking about his art here.

Source: Eloy Morales

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