8 stunning home innovations

These rooms range from the DIY to super expensive. My favourite is the bath at the end!

I’m not sure this haunted lamp could pass as a night light… but it looks great.

Hilden and Diaz
I don’t know how you get all your books the same size, but this staircase looks great.

Levitate Architects

Both practical and beautiful. I’m guessing it needs some level of direct sunlight, so you probably want a skylight.

No need to go camping with this in your back yard.

This is what I’d expect Survivor LA to look like.

Fancy Material

Ok, this would be awesome… if only I could skate.

Pierre Andre Senizergues

Hands down, my favourite spa. Check out the view!

Amazing minimalist design, I’m not sure how comfortable it would be though.

Stern McCaffery

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