25 Hilarious pets trying to be humans

Go home pets, you’re drunk.

I wanted to help you pick out your clothes!

I'm not even sure how this happened.

Stools are hard to use, don't be embarrassed.

This is how I do it, right?


I swear I'm comfortable.

Furniture is scary. Just ask the cat.

So close.

Lounging is hard for big dogs.

A clean dog is a happy dog.


But I wanted to look outside...

I'm pretty sure this is how you use an end table.

Send in the rescue team!!!

Looks... comfortable?

Hammocks are cruel jokes.


Napping doesn't always require a comfortable position.

Another soul claimed by the crack of doom.

I may be stuck, but I still look cool.

Who knew chairs could be so dangerous?

Couches are too hard to use correctly.

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