20 Most Unfortunately Hysterical Advertisements Ever Placed

You have to learn how to lough.

Via Bored Panda

Bad wheel placement!

2.) Bad wheel placement!Imgur

This is a “Shell” station.

6.) ... OH, it's a "Shell" station.Instagram

10.) Yeahhhh, "oops" is right.Cheezburger

9.) Yum. Tastes like... dumpster.Business Insider

8.) Wow, heart issues are really cheap nowadays.Nixey


13.) AHHHHHHH.Business Insider

Please don’t point guns at children. 15.) Please don't point guns at children.

A Starbucks sliding van door that doesn’t endorse the coffee. 1.) A Starbucks sliding van door that doesn't exactly endorse the coffee.Reddit

4.) Mmm, not fabulous.Imgur

Jesus & KiteKat kitty, side-by-side. 3.) Jesus & KiteKat kitty, side-by-side.Business Insider

16.) That's NOT where you want to be grabbing.psdisasters.com

7.) That looks like an extremely uncomfortable health tip.Twitpic

12.) This is the opposite of what you want to associate an airline with.Imgur

11.) Ooohh, so THAT'S where he is.Oddee

An unfortunate movie advertisement. 14.) An unfortunate movie advertisement.Cheezburger

5.) I never knew Jack Nicholson was in Les Mis...Imgur

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