10 signs you probably don’t have to send your kid to college…

For just a dollar a day, you keep these kids wrapped in bubble wrap and out of their own way.

Brilliant parenting right there!

4.) Never trust children... or cats.


I tried fire breathing once… I think I was doing it wrong

10.) Well, he almost had that one.


The poor kid was forced to endure his Mum’s cosplay addiction and this is how she thanks him.

2.) Now that's a super fail.


Limbo anyone?

7.) This is the slowest, most epic fail in the world.


This is real coke zero

3.) ... at least she never gave up.


What did she think was going to happen?

5.) Well, at least it was fun up until that end bit.


This kid can fly?

6.) Okay, this just looks like a good time.


This little girl is gutsy

1.) I'd give her 10 points.


Safe to say she got the brains.

8.) It was hard NOT to see that one coming.


I only wanted a little juice anyway.

9.) Mission Juice: SUCCESS.


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