10 Jobs You Would Have Never Believed Existed

In today’s age there are a number of jobs that are being replaced by automated services, whether it be robots or something else, people just aren’t needed in the same ways as they were in decades gone. Here are some jobs that have been discovered from yesteryear that we would struggle to comprehend even existed, but we assure you they did!

It is a weird thing to consider people wouldn’t of had an alarm, light at the switch of a button, or the need for an ice cutter. Thinking of living without the luxuries that give us these things today is pretty unimaginable.

What jobs do you think we will look back on in decades to come and think ‘what the hell is that’?


Factory worker lector Lectors hired at factories would read to those who worked all day, providing entertainment.

Switchboard operator before modern technology, switchboard operators were an integral part of telephone networks by connecting calls.

Resurrectionist – – They were basically 19th century body snatchers. Resurrectionists would remove corpses from graves for universities to use as cadavers.




Log driver – Before log transportation via truck was possible, these men would guide logs down the river.


Lamp Lighter. Until electric street lamps were introduced, lamp lighters would need to go around lighting or extinguishing street lamps.



Rat catcher In Europe, rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population and prevent the spread of disease. It wasn’t an easy job, as many of them would suffer from bites.


Pre-radar enemy aircraft detection. These devices helped soldiers listen for approaching enemy aircraft and warn their own troops.

Ice cutter. When lakes froze, ice cutters would saw through the layers and give the pieces to ice delivery men.



Alley Boys. Young boys would be hired to reset the pins after every round for a small reward.


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